Steel & Wrought iron works

Our services cover all kinds of Architectural and Structural works in mild steel galvanized iron with wide range of different finishes i.e. anodizing, oxidization, epoxy paint in any kind of shades, textures and more. We also fabricate decorative wrought iron works such as automatic and manual gates, window and door grilles, handrails, spiral stairs, fence, garden furniture, canopies, consoles, interior furniture and many more creative items.

Wrought Iron Handrail
Column Cladding Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel works

Whether industrial or aesthetics, we provide all kinds of Stainless Steel works for Architectural structures to decorative items, such as gates, handrails, columns and cladding. We can provide in mirror, brushed, hairline and satin finish as per our client’s requirements.


Metal casting is used to produce custom-made items such as brackets, bathroom accessories; lamp stands interior fit-outs, periodic or ornamental motifs, handrails, gates, handles and more. We have successfully supplied products to hotels, shops, bars, restaurants, and residential villas.

Whether using Casting over, die-casting to casting in a mould, our experienced skilled team facilitates us to entertain all our clients’ requirements.

Metal casting
Polishing and painting


More than two years of experience with complete infrastructure for uses men t to electroplating and laboratory testing facility under one roof. The process widely classified in three (3) divisions: polishing, pre-treatment, and plating I post treatment. The plating section is broadly classified into two seed i.e. precious plating and non-precious plating.

Interior Decorating / Designing

We have a wide range of quality and innovative decorative works. A division headed by an highly qualified engineers, architects, interior designers fully equipped to provide creative, fast and accurate designs dedicated at providing our clients with quality products and professional services.

pergola aluminium waterjet metal structure pool terrace shed

Painting and Polishing

Our objective is to provide the best quality for finish and durability. In coordination with steel and wrought iron works, we do various  kinds of painting and polishing works on metal and wood; epoxy paint, finished like satin metal, vinyl, antique metal; textures such as granite, raw and rusted, self design N.C Sealer and lacquer (Clear and Stained), primer base coat polyester, polyurethane topcoat (glossy, semi-glossy, matt).

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